a new warehouse reality

our order picking software solution saves millions of dollars per year per warehouse

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Augmented Reality helps

Order picking accounts for up to 60% of operational costs of warehouses.

Our solutions are up to 37% faster than traditional order picking methods such as pick-to-voice, pick-to-light, and pick-to-paper.

Our intuitive software for heads-up-displays (HUD) enables:

  1. Faster picking of orders
  2. Less errors shipped to customers
  3. A more comfortable operator experience

our work is rooted in a decade of rigorous research


Our team has extensively studied logistics and wearable computers, gaining valuable expertise in process optimization and human-centered design.

Our work has been accepted to numerous, prestigious international conferences, including the 8th International Scientific Symposium on Logistics, and the International Symposium of Wearable Computers.


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