About Oculogx

Est. 2017


Our Story

Oculogx was founded in 2017 by Charu Thomas and fellow researchers at Georgia Tech after identifying an opportunity for pick-to-vision technology to enhance the item picking process in the supply chain.


The Move

Now based in Bentonville, Arkansas, the company continues to grow and serve clients including Newell Brands, Google, FlipKart, and major retailers.


Building Oculogx

The platform focuses on order picking — the process by which employees collect individual items to fill each customer’s order and ready it for shipment — one of the most crucial elements in the supply chain to affect productivity.



Oculogx differs from other pick-to-vision solutions by focusing on retail operations supporting the ability to fulfill multiple customer orders, smart subsitutions, voice/audio feedback, and more.

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Thad Starner - Google Glass Inventor - Oculogx Board of Advisors
Thad Starner

Inventor of Google Glass

Bryan Boudreaux

Retired Senior Vice-President of
Supply Chain at Walmart

Roger Byford - Chief Technology Officer at Vocellect - Oculogx Board of Advisors
Roger Byford

Chief Technology Officer
at Vocellect


Allen Nance

Serial Entrepreneur

Paul Judge - Founder at Pindrop - Oculogx Board of Directors
Paul Judge

Founder at Pindrop