Apply Online - Feature Now Active!

Quite a few interesting developments have occurred in the past few weeks!

     We've talked to a lot of amazing people, done some product prototyping, and are now at a new frontier. Optilogx is looking to grow our technical team!

Current Open Positions:

  • Web Server Developer

  • Software Architecture Developer

     If you're interested in being considered for any role at Optilogx, click on the 'Apply' tab at the top left corner of the webpage. You will be redirected to our online Typeform application where you can fill out some basic information and also a few longer interpretive questions. Don't forget to send us your resume at After that, you're done! We will look over your application and get into contact with you about further steps.

     If you want to be a part of Optilogx but cannot find a role that fits your skill set, please don't hesitate to apply! We are looking to build a team of amazing innovators and if you have the enthusiasm and grit, WE NEED YOU.

Charu Thomas