Organize your operations with a simple order fulfillment application.

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Welcome to Ocx Outline

Outline is an order fulfillment application designed for lean, fast growing enterprises.

Realtime Tracking

View employee progress during operations.

Modular Features

Get a perfect application built based on your individual process.

Zero Infrastructure

Allow employees to bring their own devices to fulfill orders instantly.

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Instantly Transform Your Retail Offerings

Curbside Pickup

Instantly offer curbside pickup and buy online services.

Digitize Picklists

Fulfill orders digitally without manual methods like Excel or Paper Picklists.

Easily Communicate

Add notes or communicate directly with customers for substitute items.

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Zero Infrastructure Application

Connect directly to Portal without heavy integrations with your current systems.

Smartphone Enabled

Use off-the-shelf smartphones to fulfill orders instantly.

Built For Any Setting

Modularized plug-and-play application fit for your individual process

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Let's Transform Your Order Fulfillment Capabilities.

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