Order management platform that offers real time fulfillment status and high-level analytics.

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A Real Time Order Mangement Platform that Offers Unlimited Capabilites

Optimized Order Fulfillment

Capture real time data and track workforce progress through every stage of the order fulfillment process

Increase Potential

Instantly create optimized pickwalks to increase order fulfillment potential

Transparent Process

Monitor and keep tabs on your employees’ progress during operations

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Real Time Operations Management

Constantly keep your key data points top-of-mind to manage and ensure proper order fulfillment


Manage your employees at any given time through our cloud-based infrastructure

Access Data Offline

Run reports and visualizations offline to always monitor your workforce success

Getting Started with Portal

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Connect Your Orders

Use our API or 3rd party integrations to link your ERP or storefront to Ocx Portal


Upload Your Facility Map

Upload a .pdf or .cad file of your facility. We’ll do pickwalk optimization, powered by our artificial intelligence engine


Deploy to Users

Orders are automatically deployed directly to users through Ocx Outline, Ocx One, or a third party application

AI Powered Footprint Optimization

Optimize picking by batching incoming orders into peak order fulfillment conditions


Instantly Connect Orders


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Discover how we can transform your order fulfillment capabilities

Hands-Free Picking

AR Technology that Powers the Largest Retailers in the World

Order Picking

Start picking with a simple order fulfillment application.

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